Blerd Con: Diversity in Nerd Culture Shown off in A Big Way

On the 27th of July two of the members of this documentary drove 10 hours to lovely Arlington, Virginia where they were accepted press badges to an amazing con that is only in it's second year. Blerd Con, is for everyone, but it's center focus was diversity in nerd culture and blerds ( black nerds) from it's insightful panels, to the great people we encountered and the parties it had; Blerd Con is no doubt going to grow bigger every year. Founder Hilton George has made something very special. We are so grateful for the friendships we have made there and for this con to be in the documentary. Blerd Con was so beautiful and crazy. We suggest every nerd out there goes next year. This is a con that is not only extremely nerdy and fun but a place of insight, meaningfulness, acceptance and wall breaking. We send a special thanks to Hilton for letting us film his creation.


Catherine Agati