What Does It Mean To Be A Nerd?

Hello Beautiful Nerdlings!

We have decided to make a YouTube video of just YOU GUYS! What will this video be about? Well, this is what we need. Get something you can film yourself on. Phone, fancy camera, computer, anything we can see your face and hear your voice on. Then, in 30 seconds to a 1 minute and a half tell us what YOU think being a nerd is! Then, shoot us an email at anerdsparadisedoc@gmail.com with the following:

- Your name ( the name you want shown on the video) and one of your social media tags

- Permission to use your image " I permit the people of A Nerd's Paradise: The Documentary to use my, __________, image. "  


We can not wait to get your responses. You have ONE WEEK! to get your entries in. IMPORTANT: If you use your phone make sure that you film horizontally NOT vertically. 

Catherine Agati