We Need Your Talking Faces

Hello there nerdlings! 

Con Season is kicking off and that means we are about to hit the road again! As much as we like interviewing people on the spot, we don't want all our interviews to be like that.  We really like having interviews planned and ready to go when we arrive at a con or meet up with a nerd in the ATL. There are different kinds of topics/people we want to interview. Check out the list below of what we are looking for and then check out the con list to see if you are going to be where we will be. And  remember that list changes, so still email us if you are interested with a list of the cons you are going to. Then shoot us an email at anerdsparadisedoc@gmail.com.  Anyone who wishes to be interviewed must be one thing: a nerd about something. 

What We Are Looking For:

- People that are nerds/cosplayers who live in Atlanta that don't mind being shadowed

- People who have opinions about diversity in nerd culture/conventions 

- People who can talk about the effect conventions have on their mental health 

- People who have opinions on nerd culture and the effect conventions have had on it

- People who are cosplayers, have been for more than a year, to tell us about why they love it

- Volunteers at cons, preferably people who have been volunteers for more than a year

- People who take their business and/or podcast to conventions 

- Con creators/founders


Catherine Agati