Since we are a documentary and not a news outlet it is hard to reach the masses for interviews, ideas and help. That is why we would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU, SHOUT OUT, and a SUGGESTION that all should follow these rad Facebook pages for letting us post on their pages to help us out with gathering suggestions, ideas and people to interview. Thank you so much for your help and approving our posting. We are so grateful. Here are the names of the Facebook  pages you should know and follow:

- Nerd World Order

-  The Con Network

- Nerd Vent

- Talkin' Nerdy

- Entertain Your Nerdy Ass

- Comic Con Addicts

- Nerd Gods and Goddess 

- Geekly

- No Nerd Left Behind

- Nerd Network

- Dragon Con Official 

- Dragon Con Unofficial  


Catherine Agati