Would you like to help? Get involved? Promote Us?

Well that's just grand! Because we would love you to. Here is how:

Be On The Team:  

Going to cons mostly means a lot of traveling, filming and editing. It is good to have a big team helping out. No matter where you live! We are based in Atlanta so if you would like to be on the main team please contact our director. If you are someone outside of Atlanta that likes filming please email our main email which is on our Contact Us page.

Promote Us: 

Oh gosh, that's so sweet! We have a logo if you would like to do this and know how we would like that to be seen please contact our Head Of Marketing. If you want to sponsor us contact her as well for that. 

Where Should We Go:

Know of any cool cons that you love? A cosplayer that would be perfect to interview? Know of any cool podcasts?  Have some wicked awesome connections TELL US! or even tell us of places that are not cons but are still nerd centered. Message us on our Facebook, email us or even you know slide into those DMs. ( our director thinks she is funny)